Antec BP450PS 450W Power Supply Review

The Verdict:

The Antec BP450PS is an entry level power supply and mainly aimed at the budget oriented consumer, so pricing plays a huge role. The suggested price for this PSU is Rs2350, but is available at primeabgb at Rs2199. I think for its price, antec has done a decent job. Sure, there are things that could be better, they could definitely used some better quality capacitors and used active PFC and it would have been a really good value PSU. That being said, it is correctly rated and has all the necessary components and connectors. The main problem is that for a few hundreds more, you can get other PSUs that come with better features. Antec’s own VP 450P costs just Rs 200 more and has APFC. Even Corsair’s VS 450 comes with APFC and a 3 year warranty (against antec’s 2 years). Overall I will find it a little hard to recommend this PSU, but its a good attempt by antec in the entry level market. I will rate it a 7/10, its a decent product but nothing that will shake the segment. My advice to antec would be to probably build a 400W unit that uses better components and gives higher efficiency and price it in about the same range.


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