Antec BP450PS 450W Power Supply Review

Secondary Section:

In the secondary you now have lower voltage from the transformer, but its pulsed. Bridge rectifiers are again used to convert it into DC. I could identify only 2 rectifiers without taking it apart, for the 3.3v line we have the MBR3045CT, which has a current rating of 30A. The this line is rated at 20A, we are good. The 5v line uses the MBR2045CT which has a rated current of 20A and as the line is rated at 18A, we are fine here as well.


Now is the time to smooth out the pulsed DC. Here there are a bunch of capacitors and pi filter coils that are being used and got to do a lot more work than the ones on the primary, hence should be made using better quality capacitors for a long life. Most of the capacitors here are made by JunFu, which is definitely not top of the line (rather near the bottom) and have a mixed reputation. I guess if they are kept cool enough, they should last a while. There are 2 Aishi capacitors in the mix, could not find a lot of opinion about them online, but from what I could gather, they do their job.


Also in the secondary we find the SDC2921 PWM controller, which doubles in as a protector circuit. It provides under voltage (UVP) and over voltage protection (OVP) to the 3.3v/5v/12v lines. I don’t see any monitoring IC (common in entry level units), so I am not too sure about any other protections offered.


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