Antec BP450PS 450W Power Supply Review

Primary Section:

In the primary we have the bridge rectifier, which converts the AC in pulsed DC. I could not read the markings on the bridge rectifier, but it is generally not a bottleneck in PSUs. This one is not connected to any heatsink, which is also normal for a PSU of its rating.


The primary capacitors smooth out the pulsed DC. These capacitors are made by CapXon, which has somewhat of a bad reputation. The capacitors are at 680uF at 25c. These should do the job, but with so much branding done by Antec on the capacitors, I was expecting something better.


Next, the smooth DC is again chopped to a much higher frequency. This is done so that the transformer size can be significantly reduced. This is done by high frequency switching transistors. In our case we had 2 D209L power transistors that do the switching.

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  1. Saibal

    The PSU comes with an additional year of warranty

  2. Yeah, you can get 1 year additional warranty on this (and other antec PSUs) by registering your product here:

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