ADATA Premier Pro SP920SS SSD Review

A Look Inside:

The ADATA Premier Pro SP920SS  uses 8 32GB chips, to give a total of 256GB. These chips are 128Gbit Synchronous NAND chips from Micron and are the same ones used in the 512GB and 1TB variants of this SSD.



Unlike a lot of the SSDs in the market, this one does not use a Sandforce controller. This SSD uses Marvell 88SS9189 controller, in fact the whole assembly is said to be nearly identical to the Crucial M550.


The SSD also uses a DDR3 buffer, which in this case is also made by Micron (FBGA Code: D9QNP). Its 256MB DDR3 memory with an effective clock of 1600MHz.


That’s pretty much all the talk, now lets take this thing for a spin!

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